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Sheath Prom Dresses offers all the recent and trendiest lines of Sheath Prom Dresses that will be sure to turn heads on your special night. We know you'll look great at this year's prom!

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  1. Ruched V-Neck Sheath Natural Waist Chiffon Prom Dress

    Ruched V-Neck Sheath Natural Waist Chiffon Prom Dress

    By E***v

    2019-01-20 11:48:16

    Love it!!!!!! exactly as the picture. Perfect size and great material. Id look great in our civil wedding ceremony. Thank you..

  2. Lace Short Elastic Woven Satin Zipper Up Scoop Cocktail Dress

    Lace Short Elastic Woven Satin Zipper Up Scoop Cocktail Dress

    By N***c

    2019-01-20 00:13:09

    I love this dress hands down but I still have a few things I want to say about it. 1. If you dont fit any of their size measurements like I didnt (a size that fit me in the bust was too small in the waist, a size that fit me in the waist was too large for my bust) then get it made for your custom measurements. I had this done and Id very happy with the fit of the dress. 2. The coloring is a little weird. I ordered this dress in Pearl because I adored how it looked on the model in the photo. However, rather than a soft pink, I got a soft salmon. Its definitely slightly more in the salmon color family than the pink from the photo. I could chalk this down to possible computer screen color resolution issues or what not but Pearl is not salmon guys. Its still a beautiful color though. I can tell the silk under layer beneath the tulle is the color I really wanted, and the little bows were the right color pink, but the tulle wasnt the same pink. I dont know if maybe they ran out on tulle in that color or if maybe theres that big of a difference between the color of the silk and tulle but maybe Gillne should work on that. 3. Now the bows. They look really cute in the photo, really they do. However in person, when theres 7 bows circling your waist and adding volume that hides a nice waist dip, theyre a little bit much. I cut them off. They were sewn on individually with one little string each and it was very easy for me to take a small scissors and cut them off without in anyway damaging the dress. Obviously I know thats just my person choice, but if you like this dress a lot but wish it didnt have bows, dont worry, theyre easy to remove. 4. I asked in the questions if I needed to buy a crinoline with the dress. The response said I would. But thats not true. This dress is very full on its own. I can wear a crinoline or petticoat if I want to, but that would add even more volume to a dress that already has a lot of volume. 5. Length. LOL. My dress in way longer than tea length or the dress in the photo. The tulle ends just above my ankles. I might trim the tulle though, because its a couple inches longer than the silk underneath and theres definitely forgiveness if I want to trim some of it off. Of course, this is a problem where Im really not sure if its their fault or mine. Having done the custom measurements option, while I dont think I put any of the measurements wrong, its still possible that I put it in wrong or measured wrong and my dress is longer than tea length. Not a huge upset though, because I dont mind the slightly longer length. My overall opinion with this dress is that Im very satisfied. The quality is amazing and materials are good. Shipping and production took the exact amount of time that was estimated. So make sure you order at least a month before you need the dress because its takes a while for production. Shipping only took 3 days. I attached 4 photos. The first two are the dress without the crinoline and and 3rd is the dress with the crinoline. Theres only a slight difference in the fullness. And the 4th photo shows the color difference between the satin bows and the tulle bodice. I hope this review helps someone. I was very on the fence about the dress because none of the reviews were in depth and none of them discussed things I wanted to know about the dress.

  3. Sleeveless Lace-up Short Taffeta Vintage Homecoming Dress

    Sleeveless Lace-up Short Taffeta Vintage Homecoming Dress

    By A***v

    2019-01-18 14:28:30

    I absolutely love my dresses!! They are bridesmaid dresses and the girls love them too. They fit perfectly!! I cannot wait for my wedding day now that the dresses are here!! They we delivered in the time frame that I was advised!! Price was great compared to other stores!! Thank you so very much..

  4. Natural Waist Sweetheart Sheath Short Zipper Up Cocktail Dress

    Natural Waist Sweetheart Sheath Short Zipper Up Cocktail Dress

    By B***e

    2019-01-15 16:10:42

    The dress was ok. I had better expectations from the pictures.The color was pretty accurate, and the material average. Pretty happy with the dress but not excited. I had expected better a bit.

  5. Sweep Train Natural Waist Sheath Sleeveless Ruffles Evening Dress

    Sweep Train Natural Waist Sheath Sleeveless Ruffles Evening Dress

    By J***n

    2019-01-14 21:13:36

    Pretty dress that is quite similar to the one shown on the site. Very good rendering. To see on time how tissues behave. The only downside is on the integrated hulls which are, to my taste, too imposing and visible. The only thing I blame the site is not to be clear enough on customs duties, which was for me a 91 euros (1/3 of the price of the order)!

Sheath Prom Dresses
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